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Red Kali Kratom and All It’s Beneficial Properties

If you have done a little digging on the subject of kratom you know that there is more than one strain of kratom. What you may not know is that even within a given strain, there are multiple varieties. 

Red vein kratom is a popular strain of kratom. Within this strain, Red Vein Kali is one variety many people prefer. Red Kali kratom offers a list of benefits. Many of these benefits are common to all strains and varieties of kratom. 

But Red Kali kratom is unique, as are all strains and varieties of kratom. Red Kali is sought after by people who know kratom because the many benefits of Red Kali kratom are particularly pronounced in this type of kratom. 

While all strains and types of kratom will offer some degree of relaxation, mood enhancement, and even potential stimulant properties, all of the things are experienced singularly with Red Kali kratom. 

Whether you are an experienced kratom user or someone who had recently become curious about kratom, you will benefit from the information in this guide on Red Kali kratom. We will give you the details on Red Kali kratom. This guide will explain the benefits of Red Kali kratom and how to get the most out of Red Kali kratom. 

What is Red Kali Kratom?

What is Red Kali Kratom?

Some consider Red Kali kratom to be the “original kratom” because it is such an old strain. Red Kali kratom, or Red Kalimantan kratom, is an extremely supportive strain. It is native to Borneo and the surrounding regions of southeast Asia. 

This strain of the Mitragyna speciosa species offers the elemental form of kratom in that Red Kali kratom is one of the main strains from which other strains of red kratom are derived.

While not necessarily the most potent strain of kratom, Red Kali kratom offers a clean and promotional experience of kratom that many consider being the most supportive. Since the climate of Borneo is so conducive for the cultivation of kratom, Red Kali kratom grows year-round and takes on its unique qualities from both the soil conditions and weather conditions of southeast Asia. 

It is the unique levels of sunlight that allow kratom to take on the red vein that is specific to this part of the world. Red Kali kratom is one of the signature strains of red vein kratom. As such, Red Kali kratom offers what many consider to be the original and most authentic kratom experience. 

Benefits of Red Kali Kratom

As the so-called original kratom, Red Kali kratom provides the signature benefits of kratom. Again, Red Kali kratom is not the most potent strain of kratom, but it offers the fundamental benefits of kratom that have made it a feature of traditional medicine in the east. These features account for the increasing awareness of kratom in western countries. 

The benefits of Red Kali kratom include:

Mood Enhancement

Red Kali kratom may lift your mood. Many people who live with a decrease in interest in activities they love have found the Red Kali kratom enhances their ability to enjoy these things again. Red Kali kratom re-ignites your natural moods and provides a lift. 

Mental Focus

The potential stimulant properties of Red Kali kratom may increase mental acuity Unlike other natural stimulants like caffeine which primarily affect the body, Red Kali kratom potentially boosts mental focus and energy. Some people use Red Kali kratom to support their performance in jobs that require quick and complex attention. 

Stimulant Properties

As Red Kali kratom may increase mental focus, it will also provide support to athletic performance and energy. One of the main reasons some people prefer Red Kali kratom is the combination of potential mental lift and physical energy boost. 


One of the biggest reasons kratom has become so popular is that it offers a unique combination of effects. Of the great benefits of Red Kali kratom that make it a preferred strain is its relaxing qualities. Taken in the correct serving size, Red Kali kratom may help you relax and feel more at ease. Some people even report that Red Kali kratom can help with sleep, falling asleep faster, and enjoying better quality sleep. 

In all Red Kali kratom provides all of the characteristic benefits of kratom in general while providing these benefits in ways that are not overwhelming. Experienced kratom users prefer Red Kali kratom because it is easy to manage. New users love Red Kali kratom because they can experience the benefits of kratom in gentle ways. 

How to Take Red Kali Kratom?

How to Take Red Kali Kratom?

Red Kali kratom, like all other kratoms, comes in several forms. The leaves are often ground into a powder and made available for easy consumption. Sometimes the leaves are simply dried and packaged. There are also kratom extracts. These last require a bit more information, but we will get to that. 

How to Take Red Kali Kratom Powder

There are several ways to take Red Kali kratom powder. One of the most popular and effective ways to take kratom powder is in the form of a tea. There are other ways to take kratom powder, but this is probably the most palatable. 

Some kratom users report that the effects of kratom are enhanced by taking it in the form of a tea. This is likely due to the rapid absorption of the kratom alkaloids. This is the method recommended for people who are taking kratom to relax and relieve ill feelings. 

What is more, kratom tea generally does not produce a common side effect of kratom commonly referred to as the “wobbles.” The wobbles happen when you have difficulty focusing your eyes. This leads to dizziness in some people. 

You can even flavor your tea with some fresh lemon or with honey or sugar. The acids in lemon (or lime) will preserve the alkaloids in kratom and make your tea especially effective. Kratom tea can be chilled and consumed iced. 

How to Prepare Red Kali Kratom Tea

Use a sieve or fine mesh to filter the water through the kratom powder. Heat one-half cup of water to boil. Let the water cool for about 10 minutes (you do not want it boiling. Just hot enough to dissolve the alkaloids). Remove the kratom powder when the water becomes a deep orange or yellow. Drink and enjoy. 

A word about serving sizes: a serving for kratom tea (and most other forms of kratom) is fairly easy to calculate. If you are new to taking kratom, you will want to go with a low serving size to see how it affects you. 

  • Mild: 1-2 gram
  • Moderate: 2-4 grams
  • Basic effects for most users: 5-7 grams
  • Intense effects: 10 grams
  • Extreme effects (only for experienced kratom users): 15 grams 

The level of alkaloids in any given kratom strain can vary. 

How To Toss And Wash Red Kali Kratom

The toss and wash method is exactly what it sounds like: you toss the kratom back and wash it down with water or some other liquid like juice. There are a few advantages of the toss and wash method. For one, you get the kratom down quickly and completely. Toss and wash also reduce the taste of the kratom powder which can be bitter and unpleasant. Toss and wash also get you a full serving in one quick movement.

Finally, kratom powder can stick to your mouth. This can be unpleasant. By washing it down with some kind of juice or with water, you make it easy to swallow the kratom powder. 

Your drink is not that important. This is a matter of taste. Use water, apple juice, or orange juice. 

  1. Take a sip of water or juice and hold it in your mouth. 
  2. Take half the desired serving of kratom with a spoon. 
  3. Take another sip of water or juice to wash down the rest of the powder. 
  4. Repeat these steps to achieve the desired serving size. Usually two. 

There are advantages to using the toss and wash method. Taking the powder directly in this way produces effects quickly. The disadvantage is that it can be hard to get a precise serving. The other thing about toss and wash for many kratom users is you cannot avoid the taste of the kratom. Some people find the bitter flavor to be intolerable. If this is the case for you, kratom pills might be the answer. 

How To Take Red Kali Kratom Pills

Certainly, one of the easiest ways to take kratom in the form of a pill. You can purchase kratom capsules that are already measured and filled. Taking kratom in the form of a pill or capsule is easy, convenient, and a great way to be discreet about taking kratom. 

You can make your kratom capsules by buying the empty capsules from the same place you buy your kratom. This can be tricky, and there is no way to fill the capsules with the same accuracy as a professional supplier. 

Another downside of using kratom pills is that most people need to take too many of them to get the desired effects. There is simply so little kratom in a pill that many people find they need to take 10-12 capsules just to get the desired effects they are after. 

But ultimately, kratom pills are easy, convenient, and discreet. There are real advantages to kratom pills. 

Red Kali Kratom With Food

Kratom is an herb. To this end, it can be taken with food. The main disadvantage of taking kratom with food is that it can take longer to achieve the desired effects. But you can get the effects of kratom by mixing it with some kinds of food, and this is an easy and tasty way to take kratom. 

Taking kratom on an empty stomach is the best way to get the effects quickly. One of the easiest and most effective ways to mix kratom with food is to mix it into yogurt. You can even sweeten the yogurt with some honey to make for a delicious and healthy snack that also packs the pleasant effects of kratom. 

Another great way to mix kratom with food is to make your fresh juices. Using a quality juicer, you can mix things like apples, carrots, fresh ginger, and kratom. This makes your usual healthy juice, and it carries all the benefits of kratom.  

Red Kali Kratom Serving Size

Red Kali Kratom Dosage

The precise quantity of the active alkaloids in kratom can vary. Modern cultivation and processing techniques have made Red Kali kratom, as with all varieties and strains of kratom, more uniform. But the exact concentrations will be slightly different from one harvest to another. 

For a basic guide, here is a good serving size chart for Red Kali kratom: 

  • Mild: 1-2 gram
  • Moderate: 2-4 grams
  • Basic effects for most users: 5-7 grams
  • Intense effects: 10 grams
  • Extreme effects (only for experienced kratom users): 15 grams 

Since Red Kali kratom is not one of the more potent strains, you should feel more confident with your serving size than you would with a more intense strain. As we noted above, even experienced kratom users often rely on Red Kali kratom to achieve the desired effects without becoming overwhelmed by any of them. 

Red Kali Kratom Effects

Red Kali kratom produces all the effects we seek in any kratom strains. One of the singular aspects of Red Kali kratom is that its effects are gentler than other strains. However, Red Kali kratom is by no means one of the mildest strains. 

Mellowing Effects

Red Kali kratom will allow you to relax. It is perfect for winding down at the end of the day. Many users take Red Kali kratom specifically for its calming effects.

Potential Stimulant Effects

Taken with the right serving size, Red Kali kratom can work as a potential stimulant. The overall effect of Red Kali kratom is it may support internal energy production combined with increased mental awareness. 

Strengthen Feelings of Ease

Red Kali kratom shares the potential to support feelings of ease with most other strains of kratom. 

Mood Enhancement

Red Kali kratom is great for boosting your mood. Users describe feeling much more enlivened with the effects of Red Kali kratom. 

Red Kali Kratom FAQs

What is Red Kali Kratom? 

Some consider Red Kari kratom to be the “original kratom” because it is such an old strain. Red Kali kratom, or Red Kalimantan kratom, is an extremely supportive strain. It is native to Borneo and the surrounding regions of southeast Asia. 

What are the benefits of Red Kali kratom?

Red Kali kratom may support increased energy, offer mental awareness, relieve tension, boost your mood, and help you relax. 

How Do I take Red Kali Kratom?

You can take Red Kali kratom the same way you take any type of kratom, as a powder, in tea, with food, or in the form of a capsule. 


Red Kali kratom is considered to be one of the most reliable strains of kratom. Often called the original kratom, Red Kali kratom offers all the standard benefits and effects of kratom. For those who may be new to kratom, Red Kali can offer an ideal introduction. Experienced kratom users view Red Kali kratom as a standard for kratom. 

The ideal growing conditions and soil of Borneo give Red Kali kratom the great balance of alkaloids that make this strain what it is. While there may be other strains of kratom that are more potent and more intense, Red Kali is the strain of kratom that will offer the true kratom experience.  

Red Kali kratom is one of the standards of all the kratom strains. With developed cultivation and processing techniques, together with the age-old traditions that stand behind Red Kali kratom, this is one strain you can rely on to produce all the signature benefits of kratom.

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