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Kratom strains: Red, White, or Green?

Various Strains of Kratom

Kratom has risen in popularity in recent years. People are increasingly turning to kratom for a host of reasons, and this means there is a large segment of the population who want to know more about the various strains of kratom. 

Like most plants, kratom is not one singularity thing. There are multiple strains of kratom. Each strain has its own set of particularities and its unique way of affecting people. Some kratom strains tend to be more relaxing, while other kratom strains offer more of a lift. 

The main strains of kratom are denoted by the types of the leaf that comes from the plant. Each strain looks a little different than the others. Red, white, and green kratom is so named because of the appearance of the leaf.

It is not simply a matter of how the strains look. As we said, each strain has its unique effects. For people who are new to kratom, one strain might be better since it is easier to take than others. For experienced kratom users, another strain may provide the added kick they want. 

Just what are the different strains of kratom? How do we identify each strain? What are the particular effects of each strain? This guide will walk you through the main strains of kratom and offer some guidance on how to make the best of your kratom experience. 

What Are The Kratom Strains?

There are three primary strains of kratom. Red vein, white vein, and green vein kratoms are named due to the unique coloring of the leaves. If you examine the leaf before it is processed into powders or other forms, each leaf has a particular color in the vein of the leaf.

The colors of the veins in kratom leaves indicated a different and unique chemical composition in each strain. What gives the leaves its color is the concentrations of chemical components, some of which are the alkaloids that produce the effects of kratom.

It is important to note that the veins and stems are removed to process the leaves for use. However, the chemicals that give the leaf its color remain concentrated in the leaf itself. For these reasons, each strain of kratom is best used for different purposes.

We should also note that while kratom mainly breaks down into these three strains, within each strain there are different varieties. The science of kratom can get more complex as you become familiar with the various strains and varieties.

Popular Kratom Strains

Popular Kratom Strains

Each strain has gained popularity because of its specific effects. People who use kratom for its calming qualities will prefer one strain, while those who want a boost will lean toward another. Below is a general run-down of the main strains of kratom.

Red Kratom

Red vein kratom leaves have red stems and red veins through the leaves. Red vein kratom is by far the most popular strain of kratom on the market. Red vein kratom comes primarily from Southeast Asia. There are some indications that the compounds that give the leaves and stems the red color is also responsible for making it less susceptible to environmental and weather pressures. This makes red vein kratom not only popular but also widely available.

Red vein kratom is thought to be the best strain of kratom for beginners. It tends to produce calming effects. Users of red vein kratom describe a general peace of mind and feelings of well-being and optimism while using red vein kratom.

As you explore the different varieties of red vein kratom, you will experience some differences in the effects. For example, Red vein Borneo kratom has more of a calming effect, while Red Sumatra kratom produces an energy boost and an elevated mood.

Some of the leading varieties of red vein kratom include Pontianak, Maeng Da, Red Thai, Bali kratom, and Red Sumatra.

White Kratom

White vein kratom is generally known as having stimulating and mood-enhancing properties. These effects will depend in large part on your physical well-being and tolerance levels, but white vein kratom is most often described as uplifting. Some people take white vein kratom in the form of a tea instead of coffee since it is reported to give a similar lift as caffeine but with the unique qualities of kratom.

Some people report that taking white vein kratom while they are in something of a slump or if they are feeling moody experience a real boost. White vein kratom is not only stimulating, it can also lift your moods. It is fairly common for people to mix red vein and white vein kratom to achieve a mellow but uplifting effect. People who use white vein kratom generally recommend you do not take it late in the day since it can make it difficult to achieve higher sleep quality.

Popular varieties of white vein kratom include Pontianak White Horn, White Sumatra, and Borneo White.

Green Kratom

Green vein kratom is most often described as being in between red and white vein kratom. It provides a mild energy boost and lifts your mood.

Some users say that green vein kratom makes you more alert and helps you focus. One thing that many people seem to like about green vein kratom is that it is a milder strain. Its effects are not as intense, and many kratom users prefer this about green vein kratom.

The mild quality of green vein kratom makes it especially useful for people who want the effects of kratom without feeling drowsy or over-stimulated. For example, if you would like the lift to your moods that can come with kratom use but you still need to be alert, green vein kratom may be best for you.

Some people use green vein kratom for help with things like stress. Since green vein kratom can offer a calming effect while not inhibiting your general awareness, it is good for helping people who struggle with stress. Users of green vein kratom describe feeling friendly, talkative, and an overall feeling of comfort after using green vein kratom.

The most popular varieties of green vein kratom are Malaysian Green and Pontianak Green Horn.

Best Kratom Strains

Best Kratom Strains

Within the classification of strains, some varieties are of particular notice. Some of the best strains of kratom include the following.

Red Kratom Strains

Bali kratom is a red vein kratom, but it is also often considered a strain all by itself. Red vein kratom is sought after for its ability to make you relax. It also offers mood boost effects.

Thai Maeng Da is another popular red kratom strain. It has different alkaloid makeup than Bali kratom and has slightly different effects. People most often use Thai Maeng Da to promote relaxation and to feel more at ease.

White Vein Kratom Strains

Mostly from Southeast Asia, there are also some white vein kratom strains from Indonesia. One of the great benefits of white vein kratom is that it may be used during the day when you need to get things done without it compromising your ability to think, plus it doesn’t make you sleepy.

A distinct feature of white vein kratom is that it can produce different effects depending on the serving size. Lower serving sizes of white vein kratom generally make people relaxed and at ease. Keeping the active alkaloid levels low will lead to a primarily calming effect but larger servings offer a boost to your energy levels. Users of white vein kratom report that higher servings give you an increase in energy.

Green Vein Kratom Strains

The conventional wisdom on green vein kratom strains is that it treads an even line between the red vein and white vein. Green vein kratom, by most accounts, provides just a mild lift and tempers this with relaxation and ease.

However, one of the most potent strains of kratom is a Green Malay vein kratom. Green vein kratom strains are mostly from Indonesia and Thailand. But Green Malay kratom can pack all the desired effects of kratom into one strain. It provides calming effects, but it can give a serious energy boost. Green Malay kratom is also known to motivate you and offer a sense of peace along with motivational uplift.

Kratom Strains Effects

Kratom Strains Effects

A general guide to some of the most popular strains follows. This is for processed leaves and not extract.

  • Bali: This is ideal for inducing feelings of ease and comfort. Bali kratom is somewhat unique among strains. It provides a gentle energy lift that is combined with the relaxing and mood boosting qualities that are common to red kratom strains.
  • Maeng Da: Also great for inducing ease and comfort with a mild stimulant effect.
  • Red Vein Thai: Very similar to Bali kratom but more calming than uplifting. 
  • Red Vein Kali: It has a distinct sedative appeal. Induces relaxation and calm.
  • Red Indo: Similar to Red Kali, but much milder. This is a good strain for people who are new to kratom.
  • Green Indo: The unique balance of alkaloids in Green Indo provides many of the same effects as Red Kali but these effects last much longer with Green Indo.
  • Green Malay: Distinctly energizing. Green Malay is good for boosting your mood.
  • Green Vein Kali: More potent than Green Indo, Green Vein Kali is great for inducing feelings of comfort and ease. It combines this with a great energy boost.
  • White Vein Kali: This is energizing but its effects are milder.
  • White Vein Thai: This is thought to be the most stimulating strains of kratom. Great energy boost.
  • White Vein Indo: One of the most sought-after strains of kratom. White Vein Indo combines the signature effects of kratom, and it is long-lasting.
  • White Vein Borneo: Calming and mood boosting with a mild energy kick.

There are enhanced strains available that will accelerate the effects of some of these strains of kratom, Just be advised that if you are a new kratom user, these may be too intense.

Kratom Strains To Improve Health

Kratom Strains for Health

Things like overthinking and stress lead to serious health problems. The National Institute of Mental Health lists stress as a major source of long-term physical health issues.

The unique alkaloids and compounds in the various strains of kratom can help induce feelings of ease, comfort, and general peace. These are countermeasures to stress and help you relax. Feelings of calm and peace come with the release of serotonin which is a natural stress reliever in the body.

Some of the best kratom strains to help you relax include:

Green Malay

This has been used by people in Malaysia as a stress reducer for centuries. It has a long and well-known reputation and is great for inducing calm and ease.


The Indo strains are well-known for helping you relax. Indo kratom strains have natural calming properties that can help you ease into a peaceful state of mind.

Bali Kratom

This may be the best kratom strain for helping you relax while maintaining your energy levels. Bali kratom is a unique strain that balances calm with increased energy.


As kratom gains in popularity, we become increasingly aware of the many choices available when it comes to strains of kratom. The ancient use of kratom as a traditional healing herb led to the proliferation of multiple types of kratom throughout the regions where kratom is cultivated.

We now find that each strain of kratom has unique properties and effects. Each strain has a particular combination of active alkaloids and compounds. How these alkaloids are formed and concentrated in the different strains of kratom produce varying effects.

Different strains of kratom carry different levels of intensity when it comes to how it may affect you. Some kratom strains are quite mild, while others are intense. If you are new to using kratom, you may want to start with one of the milder strains.

Whether you need an energy boost or you are looking for something that induces a calm mood support, one strain of kratom will be the right one for you. With so many strains of kratom available, you will find the one that affects you the way you want.

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