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Kratom Potentiators: What They Are and What to Know

Whether you take kratom every other day, daily, or on an as needed basis, there are ways to get kratom potentiators to enhance the effectiveness of any strain you use.

What is a Potentiator? 

When it comes to kratom, a potentiator is something that increases its benefits. What exactly does that mean? It means there are certain substances that can work together to create a result that’s better than what would be achieved if it was taken alone. 

There are several potentiate kratom pairings that can help bring out the best in any strain of kratom that you buy. Maybe you’re interested in experiencing a potentiate kratom euphoria or just looking for a kratom tolerance reset. Either way, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can make the most of your kratom. 

How to Make Kratom Stronger

How to Make Kratom Stronger

Kratom contains many benefits for those who need support with problems involving their mood or focus. Sometimes, a usual dose just doesn’t cut it. That’s where potentiators come in. 

Best Kratom Potentiators

For a kratom boost that’ll help you soar, try some of the following kratom potentiators. 

Magnesium and Kratom 

Not only is magnesium a great way to give your kratom dose a kickstart, but it’s great for your body as well. Magnesium contains a myriad of health benefits because of its ability to sustain good blood pressure, strengthen bones, and reduce inflammation.

The reason magnesium works so well with kratom is because it helps the body process the kratom more efficiently. Think of it as a kratom magnesium combo. Taking a dose of magnesium about a half an hour before you take your dose of kratom, will work wonders for the effect you’re trying to get. You might not even have to take as high of a dose as you usually would, saving you money on the products you purchase.  

Kratom and Grapefruit Juice

We all know how good vitamin C is for us, but did you know it can be good for your kratom intake too? The reason why grapefruit juice and kratom work so well together is because the citrus juice prevents the body from breaking down two enzymes that help the body with digestion. This causes the kratom to go directly into your bloodstream, without getting bogged down in the gastrointestinal tract. 

Kratom and orange juice can have a similar effect, but it’s not quite as strong. If you’re looking for a gentler way to potentiate, then orange juice might be a better fit for what you’re trying to accomplish. 

Turmeric and Kratom

The turmeric kratom combo is another great go to. Turmeric on its own is an excellent way to keep your body healthy and strong. It’s a spice that has medicinal properties called curcuminoids, with curcumin being the best one it has to offer. 

It’s believed that the curcumin found in turmeric can slow the body’s metabolism. This is important because it means the kratom will take longer to break down. So not only does this result in a more euphoric feeling, but the feeling of the kratom will last longer too.

Is Kratom Tea Stronger Than Powder?

Is Kratom Tea Stronger Than Powder

Now that you’ve delved into some ideas for how to potentiate kratom, it’s time to find out which product is the best one to potentiate with. Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer. Everyone’s body reacts differently to different products. 

For one person, a direct scoop of kratom powder is the way to go. For another, they prefer kratom in capsule form. Maybe because of the taste or the texture of the powder. Everyone seems to have their own personal preference. There are even kratom gummies that are a tasty and effective treat all by themselves.    

When it comes to kratom tea versus the “toss and wash” method often used with powder, there really isn’t a difference in terms of strength. It’s going to basically have the same effect either way. It just comes down to personal preference. Potentiators are going to have the biggest impact on the effect your kratom product has on you. Far more than how you take it, or in what form  you take it. 

Give Your Kratom Tolerance a Reset

If you’re looking for ways to potentiate your dosages, you might be in need of a kratom tolerance break. Like anything, if you take something each and every day, your body will begin to build up a tolerance to it. There are a few ways you can give your body a tolerance reset. 

  • Take a break. This one’s easy. It makes sense, right? But, how long of a break do you need to take? Not long. Even just skipping a day will do wonders for your system. You might want to do this on a weekly basis. 
  • Create a schedule. Some people take kratom using a one day off and one day on schedule. Some people have a certain day of the week when they don’t take it. So maybe it looks something like this: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday you take your usual kratom doses. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday you don’t take any kratom at all.
  • Switch up the strains you’re using. Your body can develop a tolerance to the same strain when you’ve been taking it for a long time. You might have a favorite strain, as most people do, but switching it up can really help boost the effect of the product. You don’t even have to go from a red vein to a white vein. You could simply go from a Maeng Da kratom to a Bali or a Borneo strain. 

Now that you know more about kratom potentiators, it’s time to see which pairing works best for you. PurKratom has a variety of strains including green, red, gold, and white, that’ll go nicely with things like turmeric, grapefruit juice, and more. Find out what works best for you by placing an order today.

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