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Kratom and CBD: How Are They Different?

The Difference Between CBD and Kratom

It is almost impossible to have not noticed the rise of kratom and CBD. All over the country, we see shops popping up that sell kratom and CBD oil. A quick search of the internet will turn up even more sites that provide kratom and CBD. 

There is quite a stir surrounding both kratom and CBD. While some advocate both kratom and CBD as ways of relaxing and feeling at ease, others react with prejudice toward things they know little about. 

To be fair, the facts about kratom and CBD are difficult to get to. With so much information and talk surrounding kratom and CBD, it can be a challenge to find the real facts behind these two things. 

People who are already aware of the effects and potential of kratom and CBD need no convincing. For those who do not know, this guide will give you some real facts about kratom and CBD. What is kratom? What is CBD? How do they compare? And what do you need to know to get started with kratom and CBD? 

What is Kratom?

Kratom is simply the leaves that come from a deciduous tree, Mitragyna speciosa, native to Southeast Asia. These leaves have been used in traditional medicine in Southeast Asia for centuries. 

The leaves of the kratom tree are now used as an herb in the United States and other western countries. It has become known for its peaceful and soothing effects, and it is also used as a stimulant. It is often ground into a powder. Many people take kratom in the form of tea

The plant’s dark green leaves are usually dried and either crushed or powdered. You can find fortified kratom powders, usually green or light brown. These powders also contain extracts from other plants.

With small servings sizes, kratom can produce a stimulant effect that is similar to caffeine. Kratom is a relative of the coffee plant. With higher serving sizes kratom produces a calming and relaxing effect. 

The primary active ingredient in kratom is an alkaloid called mitragynine. Concentrations of mitragynine in the plant are far higher than other alkaloids, although others are thought to produce specific effects. 

Mitragynine and 7 Hydroxymitragynine, the two powerful and active alkaloids in kratom, work as antagonists on mu receptors. These are the same neuro-receptors that work with opioid chemicals. While Mitragynine and 7 Hydroxymitragynine have the ability to signal these receptors, they do not signal addictive reactions like opioids. Also, while these components provide the same effects of opioids, it does not cause respiratory failure. The reason for this remains unclear to researchers.

Much of the reputation of kratom stems from its unique effects. Whether taken directly in the form of a powder or mixed with water to make a tea, kratom may provide feelings of ease, calm, and comfort. Because there are multiple strains of kratom, each with its unique chemical properties, kratom can produce combinations of these effects.  

What is CBD?

What Is CBD

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol. This is a naturally occurring compound found in the flowers of the cannabis plant. Cannabidiol is one of several compounds that are naturally produced in the cannabis plant called phytocannabinoids

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is distinguished from one of its better-known relatives, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is the phytocannabinoid known to produce the “high” people get from smoking marijuana. CBD is not the same chemical and it does not cause the same effects. 

CBD works on completely different receptors in the brain and nervous system. It does not make people high but it does produce some important effects. CBD is known to produce specific effects that are beneficial like calm you down and reduce tension. 

CBD works on specific brain receptors so that it can lead to general ease and comfort. Some people have reported that CBD helped to manage stress and help promote ease in the body. Because CBD is known to produce these kinds of effects, it is being investigated for a wide range of potential uses. Since CBD is known to have a calming effect, some people take CBD for things like stress and help with sleep quality. 

It is important to keep in mind that CBD is vastly different from THC. CBD does not make people “high.” It is a therapeutic compound that works in ways that are completely different from THC.

What is The Difference Between Kratom And CBD?

The most important difference between kratom and CBD is that they are entirely different plants that contain entirely different chemical compounds. Put simply, kratom is the leaf from a Southeast Asian plant, and CBD is a compound derived from hemp. While the effects of kratom and CBD may be similar in some ways, they are vastly different things at the molecular level. 

Kratom can produce both stimulant effects and calming effects. These effects are noticeable and people who take kratom understand that both stimulant properties and calming properties are pronounced when kratom is taken in sufficient quantities. 

CBD is produced from the commercial cultivation of hemp. The legal cultivation of hemp makes it possible to extract compounds from this plant that are not the type typically associated with hemp. CBD is refined from some of the active compounds in the hemp plant. 

CBD generally does not produce noticeable effects. Rather, the effects of CDB are noticed by the way it has certain potential effects. While both kratom and CBD can be used to help with stress, for example, kratom will lead to a pronounced feeling of calm while CBD will lead to a general feeling of ease. 

Does CBD Potentiate Kratom?

Does CBD potentiate Kratom

A common question, especially among those who already use kratom, is can CBD used to potentiate the effects of kratom. 

A potentiator is an added ingredient that renders one thing more potent. In the case of kratom, many people have wondered if taking CBD with kratom will make the effects of kratom more pronounced. 

Many kratom users routinely mix strains of kratom to create different effects. Taking a green kratom with a red kratom, for instance often enhances the effects of both. 

CDB is a potentiator is something of an open question. Reports from people who have tried are that CBD does work as a potentiator. While CBD on its own has the effect of easing stress, when taken with kratom, both chemicals appear to work together to produce the desired effects of both while boosting the feelings that come with kratom. 

The reports regarding CBD as a potentiator for kratom are largely anecdotal. However, people who use both CBD and kratom generally report the same things. If you take either CBD or kratom to relax and be at ease, taking them together can enhance these effects. You should be aware that the overall effect of CBD and kratom can be intense. 

Can You Take CBD Oil With Kratom?

Mixing any two substances can be a gamble. Much of this depends on your tolerance and how both CBD and kratom affect you. 

The simple answer to this question is yes. You can take CBD and kratom on the same day. You can also take CBD and kratom at the same time. As we noted above, taking CBD and kratom together will likely increase the effects of both, notably the effects of the kratom, but it is generally safe to take kratom and CBD at the same time.  

There are several variables to consider before taking CBD and kratom at the same time. Kratom is not uniform either in its type or its alkaloid content. Different strains produce different effects, and there can be small variations in the strength of an individual strain simply because it is a plant and not a synthetic chemical. 

How kratom and CBD affect you will also depend on your own body and physiology. Some people are more sensitive to the compounds in kratom and how they work synergistically with CBD. 

How you take kratom and CBD will also affect the way it works together. The standard toss and wash method with kratom powder tends to produce the most intense effects. CBD can come in drinks like mineral water that are infused with the compound. Taking kratom in this form with CBD infused water will almost certainly produce more intense effects that sipping CBD infused water along with a kratom tea. 

Make sure you take small serving sizes to begin. See how you react to taking both kratom and CBD individually and together. Part of the beauty and the appeal of both CBD and kratom is the freedom you have to take them according to your own needs. 

The legality Of CBD And Kratom

The legality of CBD and Kratom

Kratom is legal in the United States. It remains unregulated by federal agencies like the Food and Drug Administration. However, there is a push to bring kratom under some kind of legal regulation. The Drug Enforcement Administration has advocated having kratom listed as a narcotic. This would potentially make kratom highly regulated if not entirely illegal. 

Several states do regulate the sale of kratom to minors. You should check with your local laws and ordinances to see if there are any restrictions on the purchase and use of kratom where you live. 

CBD is something of a grey area. With the legalization of the production of hemp in the United States, CBD oil became a compound that falls in between the legal regulation of marijuana and the perfectly legal commercial use of hemp. Since CBD is not the same active compound that more or less defines marijuana, it is not, strictly speaking, illegal. 

However, different states have sought to regulate CBD in different ways. The general rule is that as long as a product derived from hemp does not contain more than 0.3 percent THC, it is not an illegal substance. 

Some states have resisted the sale of CBD. You should check with the laws in your state to make sure CBD is legal. In some parts of the country, CBD can be purchased in a can of mineral water. In other states, you cannot purchase CBD at all. All of this leaves the issue of purchasing CBD problematic. Again, check local and state laws to see about the legality of CBD where you live. 

Both kratom and CBD are regulated differently around the world. Some countries are quite open about legal kratom and CBD. Others are strict and provide strong penalties for even having CBD or kratom in your possession. If you are traveling internationally, do your research on the laws in the country you plan to visit since some countries can be severe in the way they treat the possession and use of CBD and kratom. 


With so much talk on the internet and elsewhere about CBD and kratom, it can be difficult to get to the truth about these things. There is no shortage of sites and news stories that will give you alarmist information or just plain bad information.

This guide provides some real facts about CBD and kratom. Both of these things provide numerous benefits. CBD is known to help with many common complaints and issues. Everything from stress to getting to sleep can be helped with CBD oil. 

Kratom also has similar benefits. The difference is that kratom can also provide a mild stimulant effect. When taken in the correct serving sizes, kratom is quite versatile. It can help improve sleep quality or it can get you going just like a strong cup of coffee.

Both kratom and CBD also have the potential to complement each other. Most users say that taking CBD with kratom tends to boost the effects of kratom. And there is little danger in taking both CBD and kratom together. 

Both kratom and CBD remain legal in most states. CBD is more regulated than kratom simply because it is linked to the production of THC. We want to emphasize that CBD is an entirely different compound than THC and will not make you feel high. 

Kratom is legal in the United States, although some states regulate its sale to minors. As with any new product of this kind, check your local laws for the legal purchase and use of CBD and kratom. 

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