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Can Kratom and Coffee Be Used Together? Here’s What You Need to Know

We all need a little pick-me-up from time to time. For some, it’s coffee in the morning, while others rely on their daily dose of caffeine from their favorite energy drink. But what if you could have your morning cup of joe and an energy shot all in one? That is where kratom comes into play.

Coffee and kratom are two of the most popular stimulants in the world. While coffee is the most popular choice, both kratom and coffee have been around for centuries. These natural, plant-based stimulants can create an energizing combination that will help your daily routine go by smoothly when used together.

But should you be using coffee and kratom together? Or could this combination cause undesired side effects?

If you love coffee and kratom for their energy-boosting effects, here’s all you need to know about these potent herbal products.

Coffee and Kratom: All in the Family

A surprising fact you may not be aware of is that kratom and coffee belong to the same family of flowering plants.  The Rubiaceae family of plants consists of about 620 genera and 13,500 species, including the coffee (coffea) and kratom (mitragyna speciosa) trees. This means that kratom and coffee share many things in common, which is why they may produce similar energizing effects.

What You Need to Know About Alkaloids

Perhaps the most important thing coffee and kratom have in common is that they both possess a high concentration of alkaloids, which are naturally occurring compounds known to stimulate the body and mind. In coffee, the primary alkaloid is caffeine–a central nervous system stimulant and the world’s most widely consumed alkaloid. Meanwhile, kratom contains high levels of the alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, which produce uplifting effects.

What Are the Effects of Kratom and Coffee?

Individually, kratom and coffee have a lot to offer.  Caffeine has the capability of increasing energy levels–perfect for those mornings where you want to jump out of bed ready to take on your day! Kratom is best known for its ability to provide a powerful boost that increases energy, mental clarity, and productivity. 

While there is some overlap in the type of effects both these plants produce, there are also significant differences. Perhaps the most important factor that sets them apart is that kratom can offer a wider range of benefits depending on how much you consume and what type of kratom you consume.

Kratom products are typically sold in four different strains: red vein kratom, white kratom, green vein kratom, and yellow kratom. The colors refer to the color of the leaves from which the extracts are derived. While all of these are safe to consume, the effects they produce vary slightly.

Some strains can be more stimulating, while others may be more on the soothing and relaxing side of the spectrum. Most people find that white kratom is often best for boosting energy levels and giving you more focus throughout the day at work or home without being too overpowering in their effect.

So Should You Combine Coffee and Kratom?

It’s worth mentioning that there are currently no formal, in-depth FDA studies regarding the use of kratom and coffee together. However, we are aware that many use both herbs as part of their daily routine. Some alternate between the two, while others choose to mix them together to create “kratom coffee.”

But what can you expect when you mix the two?

The Effects of Mixing Kratom and Coffee

The Effects of Mixing Kratom and Coffee

When used together, kratom and coffee may enhance each other’s positive effects and create the perfect recipe for your daily routine. A kratom and coffee mixture may enhance energy levels, stamina, alertness, productivity, and motivation. If you feel coffee is not enough to get you through the day, adding a small amount of kratom to your morning coffee may do the trick.

What About Risks and Side Effects of Kratom in Coffee?

Again, because there are no formal studies about coffee and kratom together, it’s hard to determine if this combination can lead to unwanted side effects. Having said this, it’s important to note that both coffee and kratom may cause side effects on their own. For example, kratom in high doses may cause nausea and dry mouth. Coffee can often cause jitters and digestive issues.

Kratom and Coffee Suggested Use

If you combine kratom and coffee, do so in small serving sizes. When used by itself, the common serving size of kratom is usually between 1 and 2 grams, although some people require up to 5 grams to feel its effects. However, when mixing it with coffee, your kratom serving size should be reduced to below a gram.

At this level, you should be able to reap the advantages of both herbs. If after 20-40 minutes, you are not feeling the results you expected, then gradually increase your serving size until you reach your desired effects. On the other hand, if this combination makes you feel anxious and uneasy, you should reduce the amount of kratom you use the next time you try it. Finding the ideal amount for optimum effectiveness is a little bit of trial and error.

Where to Buy Kratom for Coffee

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