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A Guide on Gold Kratom

One of the greatest advantages of kratom is that it comes in such a wide variety of forms. There are three main strains of kratom. Then there are all the various varieties of each strain. Depending on the place of origin, each strain and variety of kratom is different. Gold kratom adds some complexity to these choices. 

Even with the tremendous advantage of so many choices, the blessing is not without its challenges. All these choices mean it is more difficult to wade through them all. Gold kratom adds to the mix, but it also adds yet another form of kratom to understand. 

This guide is here to help you understand all the choices of kratom. And we will walk you through the nuances and complexities of gold kratom. Gold kratom, as we will see below, is just one more way of adding to the experiences and benefits of kratom. 

What is gold kratom? How did we come to get gold kratom? And what are the advantages of gold kratom? This guide will give you all the information you need to understand gold kratom and get the best experiences from gold kratom. 

What Is Gold Kratom?

What is a Gold Kratom

Put simply, gold kratom is a blend of two or more varieties of kratom. Where you buy your kratom will determine the specific blends you get. Since gold kratom can include so many combinations of kratom strains, each supplier will likely carry only a few. 

The name “gold” is used to distinguish gold kratom from all the other naturally occurring strains of kratom. Some gold kratom varieties contain a mix of red, white, and green vein kratom. While others will include two or more varieties of the same strain. 

The final product that comes to be known as gold kratom is ultimately about the kinds of effects the supplier seeks to produce. Some gold kratom varieties are intended to intensify the effects of one strain or another. Other types of gold kratom are designed to create a balance between one strain and another. 

The effects of kratom depend on the concentrations of the active alkaloids found in kratom. Gold kratom becomes a hybrid version of the alkaloid concentrations, and each variety of gold kratom will work in different ways.  

To be clear, there is no gold strain of kratom. Kratom exists naturally in red, white, and green vein strains. Gold kratom will simply include a mix of one or more of these naturally occurring strains of kratom. 

Gold Kratom Origins

Some version of what we now call gold kratom has likely existed for hundreds of years. The practice of creating combinations of kratom for varying purposes is a standard practice among traditional healing practices. 

The leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree have been cultivated and used as a traditional medicine at least as far back as the 19th Century. Since it grows wild in places like Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, the tree has been easily accessible as a healing herb. 

What we call gold kratom is the product of the ways kratom has come to be used in the western world. Suppliers have been combining different strains and varieties for quite some time. To arrive at what is commonly called gold kratom, some kratom suppliers began combining strains in deliberate ways to create specific effects.

Since all hybrid forms of kratom are not gold kratom, it is critically important that you purchase gold kratom from a reputable supplier. Plenty of people will cut their kratom with inferior varieties to make money. Only good suppliers will offer real gold kratom that produces the results you are after.  

Benefits Of Gold Kratom

Benefits of Gold Kratom

Gold kratom varieties that contain more than one variety of one strain are generally designed to produce a more intense and varied effect than the single strain alone. For example, red vein kratom tends to have a more mellowing and sedating effect than other strains. It is considered one of the best strains of kratom for people who are new to using kratom. By blending red Indo and red Maeng Da kratom, a gold kratom of this type can temper the intensity of the Maeng Da with the gentler Indo. 

Another example is a gold kratom variety that contains two different strains of kratom. Gold kratom may contain a strain that is generally known to be intensely mellow with another strain that boosts energy and focus. The idea is to produce a gold kratom that offers energy and focus on something to temper the energy boost to keep you calm and relaxed. 

Overall, the benefits of gold kratom will include:

Promote Feelings of Ease

Gold kratom is widely recognized for the potential comfort and ease it may bring. The comforting effects found in all strains and varieties of kratom are often intensified in gold kratom.

Energy And Focus Support

Since kratom is so well-known for the stimulant effects so common in most strains of kratom, these effects are also present in gold kratom. Depending on the hybrid forms used in producing the variety of gold kratom, sometimes the stimulant properties can be tempered with the relaxing qualities in other strains of kratom. 

Relaxing and Stress-Management

One of the most common reasons many people use kratom is for its calming and relaxing properties. Gold kratom offers these same effects, and some forms of gold kratom may intensify the calming effects by mixing strains of kratom that are most known to produce relaxation. 

Increase in Sleep Quality

With the right mix of kratom strains and varieties, gold kratom may help increase the quality of your sleep. 

What Is Gold Kratom Used For? 

One of the main reasons people use gold kratom is to gain the potential energy boost, increased focus, and calming effects of kratom all in one form. The main advantage of gold kratom is that it combines the effects of some of the best strains and varieties of kratom available. 

Ease and promotion of wellness is the other main reason for using gold kratom. Often the strains of kratom that can be most effective in offering a sense of ease also tend to mellow you out too much to properly function at work or through the course of a day. Gold kratom may offer the ease and comfort of kratom with enough energy and focus to make you alert and functional. 

Ways To Take Gold Kratom

Ways to take Gold Kratom


Gold kratom powder is perhaps the most common and popular method for taking gold kratom. You can do gold kratom powder in two ways. The most common method is to simply swallow the powder and wash it down with water or juice. Since all kratom varieties and strains may have an intense taste, some people simply cannot stomach taking the powder directly. You can also make a tea from kratom powder simply by dissolving the powder in a fine mesh to extract the alkaloids. You can even flavor your tea with honey or lemon.

Kratom on its own does not taste all that good. It can be bitter and unpalatable. This is one of the reasons kratom tea is such a great way to take kratom. 

One option is to mix the kratom powder with a simple black or green tea. Choose one of your favorite black or green teas and use this as a base for making your kratom tea and your kratom tea will taste much better. 

Another way of making kratom tea more palatable is to add things like honey, sugar, cinnamon, or lemon. These ingredients will in no way alter the effects of kratom and they will make your kratom tea more enjoyable. 

To prepare the tea, measure the desired amount of kratom powder (We will address the serving sizes below). Add the kratom powder to the water in a teapot. Bring the water to a simmer. Do not boil your kratom. Heating the kratom and water to a boil can destroy some of the alkaloids in kratom that produce the desired effects. 

Allow the tea to cool for 2-5 minutes. Drink it while still warm. Take your time and sip the tea, especially if you have mixed your kratom with black or green tea. The idea is to enjoy the tea as much as the effects of the kratom.


Like all forms of kratom, a reputable kratom provider can offer gold kratom in capsules. These are taken like any other capsule. Simply swallow them according to the serving size you require. The capsules will be carefully and exactly measured so you can keep track of how much gold kratom you are taking. 


Gold kratom extracts are also an option. The thing you need to understand about gold kratom extract is that it is far more potent than powder or capsules. Gold kratom extracts can be as much as 50 times stronger than the powder alone. Adjust the amount you take accordingly. 

How Much Gold Kratom To Take?

The amount of gold kratom you take depends on several factors. While the effects of all kratom, including gold kratom, can be largely predictable, not everyone reacts the same way. If you are new to kratom, start with a small serving size to see how it affects you. The guide below is a general outline of how to measure the amount of gold kratom you should use. 

Mild: 1-3 gram

Moderate: 3-5 grams

Basic Effects for Most Users: 5-10 grams

Intense Effects: 10 grams

Extreme effects (only for experienced kratom users): 15 grams 

You need to adjust your serving size for kratom extract:

Use the guide above and take roughly one-third of what is recommended. For a 1-gram serving of kratom powder, take 250 mg of kratom extract. You can follow the chart below for a general guide:

Mild: 200-300 mg

Moderate: 1-2 grams

Basic Effects for Most Users: 3-5 grams

Intense Effects: 5-7 grams

Extreme effects (only for experienced kratom users): 10 grams

Since kratom is a natural substance, as opposed to a synthetic, the level of alkaloids in any given strain can vary. 

Gold Kratom Effects

Gold kratom effects may range from intense calm and relaxation to a serious boost of energy with maximum focus. Again, the appeal of gold kratom for many people is the combined effects you can find from specific hybrids of kratom strains. 

Gold kratom is most often potentially relaxing. It may provide a mellow feeling of ease and comfort. Many people use gold kratom to relax when nothing else will work to soothe them. Gold kratom, with its particular mix of strains, may induce serious feelings of ease. 

But the effects of gold kratom are most often a combined product. Gold kratom can induce these feelings of ease and wellness while still providing an energy boost. When taken in the correct serving size, gold kratom can give you the best of what kratom has to offer. It is possible to use a gold kratom to feel at ease while still having the energy to accomplish tasks. 


Gold kratom is one of the benefits that have come from the increasing popularity of kratom use in the western world. Not limited to the basic strains of kratom available, gold kratom came about with experiments in mixing strains of kratom. 

It seems reasonable that mixing different strains of kratom to produce specific effects is not necessarily new. What is new to us is the design that goes into the production of gold kratom. With the knowledge of how each strain, and each variety of the strains, produce certain effects, some producers have found ways to intensify or balance the effects of kratom. 

The benefit for all of us with gold kratom is a form of kratom that can accomplish multiple goals. Gold kratom is capable of providing ease and relaxation so frequently associated with kratom with the energy and focus that comes with other types of kratom. 

From ease and comfort, to focus and energy, gold kratom can provide the full range of kratom benefits.

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